What I'm Loving Wednesday!


My very first giveaway!  Be sure to check it out (HERE)!


McDonald's McCafe Caramel Frappe!  Would you believe I had never had one until last week???


Owls!  Seriously, I have been obsessed with all things owl all summer!  I can't remember exactly what sparked this love, but here are some super cute things I've found on Pinterest.

Source: thecraftingfiend.blogspot.com
Source: modcloth.com
Source: modcloth.com


Mark Wahlberg!  I'm watching "The Other Guys".  Not his best movie, but who cares?


The impending thunderstorm!  Hopefully it will cool things down.  We're suffering through temps in the high 90's down here in Georgia.

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Krystyi said...

I love Mark Wahlberg, but not as much as my boyfriend does. I swear if it were me or Marky Mark he'd pick him.

I may now have to make a stop at McDonalds later for a Frappe. I don't think I've ever had the carmel. I'm partial to the Mocha!!

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tmarie said...

I had a $1 off coupon for a frappe or a smoothie. I chose the caramel frappe - not really expecting much. I am now in love! Good thing the nearest McD's is 20 minutes away!
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Hadar said...

The owls are so cute! I'm currently obsessed with them too! :)


Hadar said...

You have my old blog button! {outfitted and inspired}. Will you change it to my new one? Thanks :)

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