Ten Pin Linky: Math!

Hey, y'all! I'm linking up with Just Reed
 to share my top ten pins!

The theme this week is Math Ideas!

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{1}  Math Think Chart

I like the idea of giving the students the answer and having them figure out what the problem could be.

{2} Clothespin Addition

This would be fun for a math station.  I love station ideas that can be used over and over.  You could also do ordering numbers, subtraction, comparing <, >, =, number patterns, skip counting, etc.

{3} Balancing Equations

This is a great visual for showing equal equations.

{4} Pool Noodle Place Value

I love this idea to use whole group to model tens and ones.

{5} Estimation Station

This would be fun to do and you could change it out as often as you like.

{6} Pattern Block Pictures

My students LOVE pattern blocks.  I can't wait to print these!

{7} Guess My Number

This game could be used for all sorts of things: place value, odd/even, greater than/less than, etc.

{8} Loose Tooth Subtraction

Too cute for practicing subtraction!

{9} CD Case Math Centers

Great idea for math stations!  The sheets and/or types of problems can easily be switched out.

{10} Days in School

I like how this teacher uses money, too!

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Happy Summer!


Ten Pin Linky: Classroom Management

Hey, y'all! I'm linking up with Just Reed again to share my top ten pins!

The theme this week is Classroom Management!

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{1}  Name Stick Holder

This is the best idea!  I already made one to use next year. :)

{2} Pencil Organization

I've always used pencil cans and they work, but someone always knocks one over, plays with the pencils, etc.  I'm hoping this will solve some of those problems!

{3} Find a partner!

I love these cute cards for matching up partners!

{4} Carpet Bags

I'm wondering if this would be a good idea to try.  Make little bags of materials kids always need at the carpet to cut down on all the passing out and taking up of materials!

{5} Intervention Kit

I would love to make one of these for parent helpers, college students, or anyone else that comes in to help out.

{6} Tizmos

This website is great!  You can link all the websites you want your students to visit and have them in one place.  Make your Tizmos page the home page and your students will be ready to go!

{7} Group Puzzles

Fun idea for assigning groups!

{8} New Student Packets

Have packets ready to go with all the stuff a new student needs!

{9} Whole Group Behavior

This is a great visual and fun way to earn whole class rewards!


{10}  Choice Wheel

I really like this idea!  I used a similar one last year and the kids referred to it when there were problems.

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Happy Summer!


Ten Pin Linky Party!

I'm linking up with Just Reed to share my top ten classroom decor pins from Pinterest!  

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{1}  Zebra Rocking Chair

I just got a new rocking chair to put in my classroom and would really like to paint it like this!

{2} Color Words

I like this display since it shows the variations of different colors.

{3} Crayon Clothespins

Just Mod P0dge extra crayon wrappers on clothespins for a cute look!

{4} Tissue Pom Poms

I would love to make a bunch of these to put all around the classroom!

{5} Cute Crates

Just add a simple ribbon to make those file crates cute. :)

{6} Ikea Leaf

I have seen a lot of these in Blogland - would be perfect for a science center or reading area!

{7} Table Cover

What a cute way to hide all those computer cords!  Not sure I can get away with this.  
Mean ol' fire marshal! :(

{8} Lollipop Tree

Not only cute, but a fun way to reward students!

{9} Animal Lanterns

I really like these fish and owls!  Could make any type!


{10}  Storybook Bunting

Hang book jackets (or copies of book covers)!

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Happy Summer!