Back to School Freebies...Again!

Okay, Google Docs and I have become friends.
So, I'm going to share these again. :)

I use these butterflies on the first day of school.  We read First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg.  Then we talk about  jitters and if we had butterflies that morning.  I made a simple graph with the title, "Did you have butterflies on the first day of first grade?".  Then I drew two columns for yes and no.  I give each student a butterfly and they come up and place it on the graph.  
They think it so funny when I put my butterfly under yes.
Click the image to download.

I keep this sheet on my clipboard to see how students get home. 
It's also great for a sub.
Click image to download.

These notes can be used with a "Welcome Bag".  
I place each object in the bag and attach the note to the outside. :)
Click image to download.

Tomorrow I'll be working on some projects at our teacher resource center.  I hope to make a "Noise-o-meter".  Whatever I do I'll try to take pics and share them with you tomorrow.


Erica Briley said...

Hi there,
I just received your comment about the cute little owls on my blog from TeachFactory! I became a follower and love love your cute freebies! If you don't mind I would like to post about your welcome bags...I will all viewers back to your cute blog! Thanks for following and I'm so happy to have found your blog! I'm your 55th follower!! Whoohoo!


Mrs. D said...

Thank you! I don't mind at all! That is too sweet of you! :)

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