More Jungle Theme Stuff!

Here are a couple of binder covers I made last summer.  I write the students' names on the big line above the space for teacher name.  I plan on using the TIGER this year.

Click here to download!

Click here to download!

Here is a sign I attach to a crate to hold lunchboxes.

Click here to download!

And lastly (although not jungle themed) is a "password of the day" sign.  I found this idea on ProTeacher.  You can hang this by your classroom door and have the kids read the "password" whenever you leave the room for lunch, recess, etc.  The passwords can be sight words, spelling words, important vocabulary.  These could work perfectly!

You could even incorporate math and use addition or subtraction facts and have the kids recite the problem and answer. Or how about shapes?  Fractions?  The possibilities are endless!

Click here to download!
Hope you are enjoying your summer! 
Mrs. D


kimcollatos said...

I have tried to download the "Today's Password" one, but it keeps saying that it isn't found (error 404). It is a cute idea :)

Mrs. D said...

Try clicking the words "Click here to download!" that are right underneath the picture. :)

kimcollatos said...

lol okay yeah if only I read more closely haha. Thank you!

The Scott Family said...

How awesome!! I loved your Password Idea so much that I posted it on my blog: http://our-scott-spot.blogspot.com/2011/07/fun-find-friday-teacher-edition.html

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