Jungle Theme Freebies

Okay, I'm trying once again!  Hopefully these are uploaded correctly.  
Please let me know if you download them. 
I hope someone can use them. :)

This is a King or Queen of the Jungle sign that I use as Student of the Week.  
Click image to download.

Next up, a Monkey Welcome sign.  
I hang this outside my classroom door on a small bulletin board.
Click below to download.

And lastly (for right now!), "Give me an H!"  
I post this beside the door and the kiddos choose one as they are leaving to go home.  
Click image to download.

I'm hoping to reach 50 followers soon so I can host my very first giveaway!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


Busy Bees said...

Thanks for sharing your Jungle Theme Freebies!! I especially love the one when they leave at the end of the day. Just found your blog and became a follower!! Cute blog!!

Jackson's Jungle said...

I am doing a Jungle Theme in my classroom this year. Thank you for the ideas!

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