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With the school year quickly approaching, I'm not only preparing for my classroom, but also preparing for ways to keep things simple at home.  Over the summer, the hubs and I just kind of did whatever for dinner...eat out, grab some leftovers, order a pizza, etc.  However, once I go back to work (this Wednesday!) and we both come home from an exhausting day, we need to have dinner under control. :)

So, I played with some Excel templates today and made a grocery list and monthly dinner menu. 

The font doesn't look right in Google Docs, but once you download it will be fine. :)
Click HERE to download!
Click HERE to download!
 I wanted to make the menu planner like a calendar, but it wouldn't all fit on a regular sized sheet of paper like that...I had to shrink it and didn't like that, so I kept it this way.  I'm going to work on filling these out tonight and then head to the store tomorrow to stock up.  

I hope someone else can use these, too!


jen said...

Thank you for these!! I'm excited to use them!!


Amy said...

These are just what I needed! I tend to eat poorly during the school year because I don't think about what I'm going to eat until I'm already home! I have a feeling that I'm going to be a lot healthier this year! Thanks!

Amy @ First Things First

Mrs. Luna said...

Great idea, things have been so easy during the summer. My husband works long hours and he's the cook in the family. Having it planned out farther in advance would definitely help with stress. Thanks for the idea!

Mrs. Walker said...

I love them! Thank you for sharing! My hubs and I are always trying to get a hang of meal planning. We find that it is not only easier during the week, but we eat so much better and it is less expensive than a pizza one night, chinese the next.

Thanks again!


Karen Stamp said...

This is so funny... I was just saying to my husband today that "maybe I should make some kind of chart or something to plan dinners". Were you a fly on the wall or what!!?? Now, the only problem is you didn't post your filled in version!!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

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