First Two Days & Writing/Supply Station

I have survived the first two days of school!  :)
So far, so good.  I think I am going to have a *much* better class this year.
(I don't wanna jinx it though.)

I have a lot of sweet, quiet girls.
And a few rowdy boys. *Sigh*  Who doesn't, right?

Anyway, we're still working hard to follow directions and rules.  They're learning the routines and procedures.  Of course some of my little friends think they can just come up to me at any time and start talking.  Or just start shouting to me from wherever they are. 

So, on to the goods.  I found this organizer at a thrift store for $12.

I've decided to use it as a sort of writing/supply station.  The small bins across the stop are going to house a stapler, paper clips, pencil top erasers, and band-aids.  (The band-aids are kind of random, but I get tired of having to stop what I'm doing to get someone a band-aid.  So , I figure if I train them right they will be able to handle getting and applying their own band-aids.)  I took the medium sized blue and purple bins out.  (I'm using them to hold headphones and "mice" at the computer station.)  I put my "extra crayons" box in their place.  You can read about that HERE.    The medium sized orange bin will hold dry erase markers and erasers.  The large green and red bins will hold glue sticks and scissors.  Here are the labels in case you can use them!

Click HERE to download!

Tomorrow is already Wednesday! Woohoo! :)


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