Ten Pin Linky: Science and Social Studies

Hey, y'all! I'm linking up with Just Reed
 to share my top ten *science and social studies* pins!

{1}  Science Center
Love this set up for exploring!
Source: http://earlylife.com.au

{2} Sound Eggs
Shake and sort by sound!
{3} Where We Live
These nesting cans would be great to help teach the concept.
Source: http://firstgradetothecore.blogspot.com/2011/07/nesting-cans-activity.html

{4} Make it Rain
{5} Pet Cloud
Just a fun extra for the kids!
{6} Edible Landforms
{7} Grass Heads
{8} Fall Leaf Sort
{9} Landforms Flip Book
{10} Weather Windows
Draw a weather scene and describe it!
Source: http://www.lessonplandiva.com/2011/08/we-started-our-weather-unit.html

Now, go link up with Just Reed and share your favorite science and social studies ideas!

Happy Summer!


KaSandra said...

Holy moly, batman! I love all of these pins and I intend to re-pin ALL.OF.THEM. The science center extraordinary and the pet clouds - too cute!

KaSandra said...

Your link to BlogLovin' is not for your blog. It's for a Swedish blog that you can find in an example code online. I did the same thing at first. Backspace out the blog address in the code and enter your own.

Wesley Jackson said...
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