Ten Pin Linky: Math!

Hey, y'all! I'm linking up with Just Reed
 to share my top ten pins!

The theme this week is Math Ideas!

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{1}  Math Think Chart

I like the idea of giving the students the answer and having them figure out what the problem could be.

{2} Clothespin Addition

This would be fun for a math station.  I love station ideas that can be used over and over.  You could also do ordering numbers, subtraction, comparing <, >, =, number patterns, skip counting, etc.

{3} Balancing Equations

This is a great visual for showing equal equations.

{4} Pool Noodle Place Value

I love this idea to use whole group to model tens and ones.

{5} Estimation Station

This would be fun to do and you could change it out as often as you like.

{6} Pattern Block Pictures

My students LOVE pattern blocks.  I can't wait to print these!

{7} Guess My Number

This game could be used for all sorts of things: place value, odd/even, greater than/less than, etc.

{8} Loose Tooth Subtraction

Too cute for practicing subtraction!

{9} CD Case Math Centers

Great idea for math stations!  The sheets and/or types of problems can easily be switched out.

{10} Days in School

I like how this teacher uses money, too!

Now, go link up with Just Reed and share your favorite management ideas!

Happy Summer!


Mrs. Davis said...

I pinned 1/2 of your pins! The other half, I've already pinned! LOL! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful ideas! I especially love the pool noodles 10s and 1s!

Carried Away in... K!

Stephanie Chambers said...

I love the pool noodles as well! I need to go buy some now while they are still available :).

Thanks for sharing.

The Learning Chambers

Kara said...

I, too, love the pool noodle idea - and using money for the days in school tally!


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