Target, Dollar Tree, & Thrifting!

My husband spent the day in Atlanta gearing up for the Georgia game, so naturally my Mom and I did some shopping in hopes of scoring a few a deals.  And we did...

I found these in the Target Dollar Spot.  They are silicone and most likely used for getting hot things out of the oven.  But, I have something a little more fun in mind.

We can use them to compare numbers using greater than and less than!  The kids are going to love these!

Last week we made "math munchers" a.k.a. "pac-men" to practice eating those bigger numbers.

These are at the Dollar Tree!  The pictures are too cute.

I found this treasure while browsing at my most fave thrift store.  It is a floor puzzle of the world and was $4.25 and brand new!  It even came with a CD that has a matching game.

I also got a few books to add to my library.  And I found the game Cranium for $2!  Yes, $2!  And it was brand new, too!

Happy Long Weekend! :)


Tara said...

Love your Math Munchers:) I have to do something like that with my 4th graders who can't remember but we call it Allie Alligator:) The silicone things would be great for that:)

4th Grade Frolics

Andi said...

Great idea for the oven mitts! The kids will love them! Or you could use them for a senses center: try to figure out the object without the sense of touch or try to pick objects up without the use of your thumbs.
Awesome Finds!

Tina said...

Target....here I come!

Quench Your First

Marlana said...
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Marlana said...

Love the idea for the oven mitts! I'm going to have to find them now. How fun!

Lil' Country Kindergarten

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