What's In My Bag? {A Linky Party}

Abby, at The Inspired Apple, is hosting a School Bag Linky Party!

How fun! :)

Here's my school bag.  I got it FREE from Vistaprint.

I'm starting to wish I had a different bag.  This one has a problem...it's floppy.  I think I need one of those big, sturdy ones from 31 (that I've been seeing on other teachers blogs)! :)

Here's a top shot.  Yep, it's slam full of stuff!  I usually squeeze my laptop in here, too.  No wonder my shoulder hurts...

Now what is all that stuff?  My cute, matching organizational items. :)  I use the file holder to keep student papers organized, or small items I cut out and need to laminate.  The spiral notebook has about six pages that have pockets on each side.  I labeled each pocket by subject and put papers in those pockets that need to be copied.  Lastly, my planner helps me keep track of all those wonderful meetings and due dates.

 Here are a stack of state standards that I'll need to have displayed this week, markers for various activities, my grade book, and a nursery rhyme CD I "won" at our last faculty meeting.  

My parent-teacher conference notebook.  I've been *trying* to get these done over the past 2 weeks.  So far, I've had 5 out of 19 conferences.  Does anyone else find it difficult to get parents to come in???

Some Really Good Stuff magazines.  I like looking at these and figuring out what I can make myself!  Also, my umbrella and some cough drops.  Not sure why those are still in there since I'm pretty much over my sinus infection.

My super cute pencil bag.  I really LOVE owls!

Inside the owl bag: note pads, pens, pencils, a highlighter, and a stapler.

That's it!  What's in your bag?

Have a happy Sunday and a great week at school!


Mrs. S. said...

When I have trouble getting a parent in for a conference, I usually just ask them let me know when I can call for a phone conference. I type up what we discussed, send note home to be signed by the parent and returned, make a copy to return to the parent,and Ta!Da! I have documentation that we talked. :)


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Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

I LOVE my Thirty-One bag, it is very sturdy. I ordered a file box thingy to fit inside to make it even more stable and of course to fit more stuff inside ;) I am late to Abby's linky party, here is my bag http://www.bunchofscrap.com/2011/10/what-is-in-my-teacher-bag-and-reveal.html

Sofia said...

aahh I LOVE your owl bag! adorable!!!!!

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