Currently...in August!

Well, summer is almost over...boo hoo.  I have to go back to school Wednesday, Aug. 9 and the kids come Monday, Aug. 13.  Yikes!  I think I am ready though.  Just a few more little things to get done.

Now, on to what I'm currently doing...

Happy Saturday!


Lindsay said...

What kind of laminator did you get? I am considering investing!

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Kelly Teaching Fourth said...

Found you on the linky! I enjoyed reading your currently.

Teaching Fourth

Cheryl said...

I'm jealous you have a laminator...I hope to get one soon too. I understand about the ink too! My printer starting yelling it's low on ink today. Found you on the Currently linky...your blog is so pretty!
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Katie said...

I think a lot of teachers got laminators this summer!! I don't know if I could survive without mine... haha :)

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