UPDATED Monday Made It - with instructions!

I am loving summer!!!  
However, I can't believe it's halfway over. :(  

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!  I feel like I've finally done something productive this summer.  Every other day has been spent lounging in pajamas, reading, watching TV, reading blogs, checking Pinterest, watching TV, reading blogs, checking Pinterest, ...............

I was planning on buying a hanging file organizer this month.  So glad I found this great idea HERE  I made my own! :)  I made mine a little bit different since I don't have a sewing machine.  Duct tape to the rescue! 

I used six file folders, tape, zebra duct tape, and stickers.  
I'm going to use this for the things that were always on my teacher table or bookcase last year:  various papers that need to put in the right place, extra stuff (newsletters, behavior calendars, etc.), clinic passes, counselor passes, and Box Top sheets.

***Several bloggers have asked me to post instructions.  Here are the steps I used.  I basically followed the directions from the link I posted above where I found this idea.  

1. Each file folder has a front and a back.  

2. The front and back both have an inside and an outside.
3. The inside is where your papers would go if you were using the folder the regular way.  

4. Fold down the tab edge of each folder to the outside of the front of the file folder. 

5. Glue the inside of the back side of one folder to the outside of the back side of the folder that will be above it. (I know this sounds confusing, but you'll get it! :) )  The folders will be nesting inside of each other.

6. I then used duct tape on the edges to secure the folders.  Then I added a little strip to kind of separate each folder.

7.  Once you put the duct tape on the edges you may need to cut little slits on each side where the folder opens so that your papers will fit in smoothly.  (The folders are not going to open up very far, but I don't plan on putting much in each pocket at one time.)

I hope these instructions are helpful!! :)

Happy Monday! :)

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Lisa R. said...

This looks so cool! Thanks for the instructions! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Katie said...

Thanks for these instructions!! I think I might try to make one :)

Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this. I already have the fancy duct tape, so I will be doing this soon. Thanks for the instructions!!!

Jena Snowden said...

Love this!!!!

1st Grade with Miss Snowden

Karla Banks said...

I need this! This is going on my to-do list!
Thanks for sharing!


Teaching Little Miracles said...

We are your newest followers! Love this idea!

Mrs. Reed said...

I love your blog and glad I found it. I have found some great ideas to use with my class. Im your newest follower. Below is a link to my blog.
Flying Into First Grade

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