7 of my favorite things!

Katie, at Persnickety Pickles, is having a linky party! Share 7 of your favorite things and they can't be school related.

This won't be hard for me as I've been on Spring Break all week and haven't done a thing for school! Guess I better get in gear since tomorrow there will be 20 smiling faces waiting for me.

Okay, 7 of my favorite things...

1. Spending time with my hubby and our pups. This week has been awesome. Hubby goes to school in the evenings, so we have had all day, every day to hang out and just do whatever!

2. Coke Zero. I have learned to love it. It tastes *almost* as good as Coke. (Okay, not really.) But it has zero calories!

3. Pretzel M&M's. I seriously almost have to buy a pack every time I go in Wal-mart, or Target, or any store...

4. Puzzles. Crosswords, word searches, sudoku...I love them! It's good to get the ol' brain thinking!

5. Purses! I have about a bajillion, but always need a new one! Haha!

6. Reading. Since I was a little girl I have always loved to curl up with a good book. My favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks and Karen White. I'm currently reading...

7. Makeover shows. It can be people, houses, cars...I love seeing the transformations!

Now head over to Persnickety Pickles and join in!!


Katie said...

I love that you have a purse obsession too! I almost put that one on my list! :)

thanks for joining in!!

Kimberly said...

Oh great! I can't believe I've never heard of pretzel M&M's... gonna have to try those for sure!

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