Share Box {Explanation & Downloads}

My Share Box is "show & tell" with a twist.  I use this:
I didn't share a picture of *my* share box because it needs to be prettied up. :)

The Share Box goes home each day Monday - Thursday.  I don't send it home on Fridays because the kids are more likely to forget to bring it back after the weekend.  

The child that takes the box home chooses ONE object to put inside.  The object can be anything: a book, toy, photo, etc.  My rule is:  Nothing edible, living, or dangerous. :)  The child must then write (parents can help!) three clues about the object. We do Share Box right after our Morning Message.  The child comes up, sits in my chair, and reads the clues.  S/he then chooses kids to guess what is inside the box.  After a student guesses (or I have to say "we all give up!"), the student takes the item out and is allowed to pass it around the carpet or show us how it works.  

The kids LOVE it! (And so do I!)  I'm always the first one to take it home to show them how to do it.  I'm also included in the rotation throughout the year.  The kids love reminding me when it's my day to take the Share Box. :)

Here is the label I'm going to put on the outside of the lid.
Click HERE to download!

And here's a parent note that I will tape to the inside of the lid.

Click HERE to download!
Happy Tuesday!


meesabelle said...

I'm going to try this! I linked this to 1st Grade CCSS links under Speaking and Listening.

First Grade Frame of Mind

PreKMom said...

Great spin on show and tell. Will give it a try this year.


Carol said...

Sounds great for even the little Pre Schoolers.


Sarah Adams said...

Great Idea! I have heard of students using an easter egg to put an item in too! I found your blog through the mixer party. I am now a follower! Please check out my blog as I am trying to get out there in blogland too!



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