Extra Crayons :)

Don't you just hate hearing, "I need a green!" or "Someone stole my blue!"

Well, I sure did.  And I was hearing it all.the.time.  Until last year.  My solution?

The "extra crayon" box.

I bought the bin (which actually has colored pencils on it, but who cares, right?) at Lowe's last summer for $4 or $5.  Then I saved my Weight Watchers yogurt containers to hold the crayons.  Only eight would fit in the box, so I had to group some colors together.  No biggie.

Now, when a student doesn't have a crayon because it's lost or broken, they just go to the crayon box and get the one they need.  They can then keep that crayon for themselves.  I check the extra crayon box every once in awhile whenever I hear "There aren't any yellows left!" and replenish it as necessary.


Tara said...

Great idea!!!!

4th Grade Frolics

LeAnne Cooper said...

I can't believe I never thought of this before! What a wonderful idea!!! I will definitely be creating one for my room this year.

Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

Karen Stamp said...

HA HA!! I hate hearing that too! I organized extra crayons for the first time last year, and it definitely saved time!! I had a bunch of clear plastic containers with lids (from the sauce that comes with Chinese food) that I had been saving. I just put one color in each container. Isn't it funny that it's sometimes the little things that really save time (and sanity!) LOL!!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Miss Bowers said...

I have an extra crayon bucket too.. only I don't sort them, I just have them all thrown in there together! I love your "organized" crayons! :)


Mrs. Luna said...

Cute idea, I love how you used your Weight Watchers yogurt containers (recycling!).

I went around at one point in the year and had children give me their "doubles" or broken crayons. I ended up getting a pretty nice supply and was able to use that bin full of my extra for a similar purpose.

Follow me! :)

Brittany said...

Love this idea! I'm definitely going to be following your blog!
A Day in First Grade

Nina said...

Very good idea! Such an easy way to cut out the headache. Thanks for sharing!

I just started following your blog! Very cute!


Ms. Rachel said...

What a great idea!

Ms. Flores said...

hee hee...my box is a jumble of crayons called "the land of the lost"...when i find crayons on the floor they go into the box & when someone's crayon has been "stolen", they can dig for another one here!
i love your idea!

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