Ten Pin Linky: Reading!

Hey, y'all! I'm linking up with Just Reed
 to share my top ten *reading* pins!

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{1}  Story Trays

Students can sequence pictures or sentences from stories.


{2} Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Sort text and/or pictures.

{3} Sticky Note Retelling

{4} Main Idea

Students guess what the main idea could be based on the pictures.  Great way to introduce this skill!

{5} Cross-Checking

Great visual reminder!

{6} Story Elements

Awesome poster to display!

{7} Sticky Note Story Elements

I love sticky notes! :)  Students can contribute as a whole group or let small groups make their own posters.

{8} Teach a puppy to read!

Cute activity for practicing sight words!

{9} Where's the bear?

Fun game for sight word practice.

{10} Reader Respect

I like the idea of using "reader respect" as the title.  I had the exact same rules on a chart last year, but I think having the word *respect* would help remind the students WHY they are doing these things.

Now, go link up with Just Reed and share your favorite reading ideas!

Happy Summer!


resource room roundabout said...

I came a cross your blog from the 10 pin linky party. I love your list. I had not come across a handful of them. I have repined and am following you know. I loved 1- the trays, number 4- main idea, and 7-sticky note elements. I will be using all of those in my classroom next year.


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