Ten Pin Linky: Back to School!

Hey, y'all!  It's almost that time again.  
We start school August 7!

I'm linking up with Just Reed
 to share my top ten *back to school* pins!

Click on the pics to go to the pin on Pinterest!  Also, click the link under the picture to go to the original source.

{1}  Back to School Treat!

I made the cupcakes a couple of years and they were a hit!  
I think I'm going to try the Jell-o version this year.  :)

{2} Family Glyph

{3} Word of the Day

Great for learning names!


{4} Germs!

{5} Picture Expectations

Take pictures of students doing tasks the *correct* way and post in classroom to refer to throughout the year.

{8} Jitter Juice

This will be a fun drink to have along with those cupcakes or Jell-0!  :)
{9} School Family Tree

{10} Heart of Hands

Too cute!  I think this will be great for building classroom community.  :)

Link up with Just Reed and share your favorite back to school ideas!

Happy Summer!


Kelly Anne said...

I just looooove the friend concentration! Not only will it help the kiddos, but it will help ME as well! Thanks so much for sharing :)

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