My school really *encourages* AR {Accelerated Reader}.  We have been taking 1 - 2 tests per week.  Now that they've pretty much mastered how to log in and take the test by themselves, I think it's time for them to start recording their tests and scores.  I have been working on getting their AR folders ready.  

The folder isn't anything fancy.  I just fold a piece of construction paper in half and staple a few sheets of paper to the right side.  This is the AR Book Log.  On the left side, I staple the AR Test Log.

{Click HERE to download!}

I don't really *love* the idea of offering the kiddos a prize.  But otherwise, some students will never want to take an AR test.  And like I said earlier, my admin strongly encourages ALL students to test.

Also, the AR program accepts a score of 60% as passing, but I encourage the students to score 80% or 100%.  They can only record those scores on their test log.

***This Test Log is NOT my original idea.  I found and printed a similar one a few years ago.  I most likely found it on ProTeacher.  Anywho, I didn't have it saved on my computer and I couldn't find my original, so I decided to recreate it.  If you know who originally had this idea, please let me know and I will give them credit.***

Hope you can use the test log!  Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week!
{It's a four-day week for us, yippee!} :)


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