What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Here's what I'm loving this Wednesday...

I'm loving that I baked and iced this little cake all by myself. :)  Yep, I even made the icing.

I'm loving that my kiddos reached our Read to Self goal today! 20 minutes = :)
(I snapped this pic early...should have got it when it said 20!)

I'm loving writing workshop!  We made our heart maps Monday and the kids really enjoyed using them today!  This was an idea we had at a professional development last year.  However, I totally copied Ms. Carroll's (from The First Grade Parade) cute way of designing hers!  Check hers out HERE!

I'm loving that fall is almost here!  Can't wait to start some Halloween crafts like the ones below.  Pinterest inspired ;)

I'm loving that it's almost the weekend again!  

Happy Wednesday!


Erika said...

Your cake is awesome! Happy Wednesday to you too!

2B Honey Bunch

Hadar said...

Wow!! Awesome job on the cake!!!

Miss Kindergarten

Sarah said...

You are one talented cake decorator :) And yay for reaching stamina goals!!!!

Hopping Into First Grade said...

Cute ideas! Where di you find that great timer you use for building stamina? Mine is boring and it would be fun to jazz it up a bit!


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